Thursday, September 17, 2009

Cd cover design for Arenbe  


So i got a call the other day around 6pm asking for me to do a cd cover. of course i said ill do it and then i ask when do you need it by and the response was tommorrow morning my mental response Damn i had to redo notes and study fro astronomy and art history and for those whose taken art history know's it aint no joke lol we are expected to know about 50 to 100 pieces of art and terms who made it what its made of the year it was made and the name and my stupid A** normally wait's till that last min to study for these test but anyways so i took the job they sent photos and logos to use and just ask me to do what ever with such a short time span i skiped a few steps in my design process and just went strait to the computer. Got done sent it then revised it and here's the final product DOPE huh :) I wanted to keep it simple, mature, and strait to the point i was gonna do a highly manipulated kinda like those mix tape covers but it didn't represent the artist (check out more of the artist at the links below)

What next?

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